Cooperating Partners

GCE NODE is a technology cluster, based in southern Norway, with a global focus on energy, offshore and maritime sectors. The cluster has more than 100 participating companies, academic institutions and organizations. GCE NODE aims to help companies secure and strengthen competitiveness in existing markets and transfer existing competence and technology into new markets.
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Subsea Valley
Subsea Valley is a cluster organisation that functions as a meeting place for the development of competance and cooperation between it’s member companies.
Through cooperation in Subsea Valley, companies can improve their competitive edge, both within Norway and internationally and be seen as world leaders in subsea technology.
Subsea Valley arrangeres meetings, conferances og courses for it’s members, and functions as a lobbyist towards the authorities.
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NOSCA – the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association – was established in 1992 to satisfy a common need within the industry, the oil companies and public institutions to join forces and resources in order to improve the overall knowledge base of oil spill prevention and response. The need for a joint international promotion of the Norwegian oil spill technology and products was certainly also of importance to NOSCA’s members representing the industry.   NOSCA with its over 30 active members has achieved international respect as an active player in R&D, oil spill prevention and response.
NOSCA is one of the three founding organizations of INTERSPILL in Europe and we also support and contribute to the successes of IOSCE in the US and SPILLCON in Australia.
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Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association

GCE Blue Maritime Cluster
The maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway consists of 12 design companies, 17 ship owning companies, 13 shipyards and 161 equipment suppliers. The cluster is complete and covers all the elements of the value chain, with several companies in each segment, which compete with each other. And all this - within a small geographical area on the west coast of Norway.
GCE Blue Maritime Cluster is a world leader in designing, building, equipping and operating the world’s most advanced vessels for the global oil industry.
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GCE Subsea
GCE Subsea was established in order to contribute to the further development of one of the world’s most complete subsea environ-ments – the subsea industry in the Bergen area.The cluster’s main focus is on the markets for maintenance, modification and op-eration of subsea installations. The environment includes a great number of suppliers of services and high-tech products. Over time a close collaboration has been established among industrial actors, R&D institutions, schools and authorities in the region.
The regional cluster consists of some hundred companies and organizations with subsea as their only or main business area.
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NCE Systems Engineering
The Kongsberg cluster comprises knowledge-based companies, several of which are world leading in demanding industries like subsea, maritime, auto-motive, aircraft, defence and aerospace industries. Many of the core companies grew out of civilian divisions of Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk (defence industry). The cluster has gene-rated new industries and value creation using brainpower, expertise and collaborative solutions.
NCE Systems Engineering leads Norway in industrializing major technological innovations and has achieved a key position in global markets.
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NCE Instrumentation
Situated in Trøndelag, NCE Instrumentation represents high-tech knowledge within the field of instrumen-t-ation. With solid roots in R&D, NTNU, HiST (Sør-Trøndelag University College) and SINTEF, the cluster has developed over a 20 year period and has succeeded in attracting demanding national customers.
More-over, the cluster is internationally competitive and has a turnover exceeding NOK 4 billion.
The instrumentation cluster in Trøndelag consists of companies specializing in supplying advanced control and communication solutions for different branches such as natural gas processing and transportation, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), maritime, offshore fish farming, deep sea construc-tions, energy and medicine.
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OG21 develops the Norwegian national petroleum technology strategy. The technology strategy contributes to an efficient and environmentally friendly production of oil and gas in Norway, and the strengthening of the competitiveness of Norwegian technology suppliers internationally.
 The exploitation of the remaining resources is likely going to be demanding due to challenges such as:
 • Discoveries are expected to decrease in size
 • New environmental and climatic conditions
 • Deeper waters
 • Longer tie-back distances
OG21 is addressing such challenges. They bring together oil companies, universities, research institutes, suppliers and Governmental bodies, to develop and implement a national petroleum technology strategy for Norway.
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