What was INTSOK

From 1st January 2017, INTSOK merged with INTPOW and changed its name to Norwegian Energy Partners. The text below is the About page from the old web site and is preserved only for historic reasons.


(From the INTSOK web site 2016)

INTSOK - Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners - was established in 1997 by the Norwegian oil and gas industry and the Norwegian Government.

The upstream oil and gas sector is a vital element in the Norwegian economy, providing employment for some 250.000 people directly and indirectly in Norway. INTSOK's objective is to work with companies throughout the industry to expand the business activities in the international oil and gas markets on the basis of the industry’s leading edge experience, technology and expertise.
The industry has developed competitive, high quality products and services in one of the most demanding oil and gas provinces in the world, the Norwegian Continental Shelf.
INTSOK is an effective vehicle for promoting the Norwegian offshore industry’s capabilities to key clients in overseas markets and providing market information to its partners. The focus on global opportunities is increasing, not only amongst large Norwegian companies but also amongst small and medium-sized enterprises.

Active Government support

INTSOK is a network-based organisation where the partners exchange experience and knowledge of market developments internationally. The organisation encourages active dialogue between oil companies, technology suppliers, service companies and governments. The Norwegian Government actively supports INTSOK’s initiatives, and the activities are financed jointly by the industry and the government.

Growing number of partners

Norwegian oil and gas firms, anticipating declining investments on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, have made substantial moves to win business in international markets. And they have succeeded in growing their international business considerably in recent years. The increased focus on international markets has resulted in more partners joining INTSOK.

At INTSOK we work to
  • Assess market opportunities and enhance the ability of the partners to compete in the global marketplace.
  • Build relations between clients and government representatives abroad.
  • Provide information about Norway’s achievements in: enhanced recovery, cost reduction strategies and Health, Safety and Environment measures.