Corruption and other unacceptable business practices may represent a challenge in markets where Norwegian Energy Partners and our partner companies operate. Norwegian Energy Partners disapproves of corruption and works continuously towards its prevention during the course of its business.

NORWEP Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all Norwegian Energy Partners' employees, advisors and consultants as well as the Norwegian Energy Partners' Board of Directors.
The Anti-Corruption Policy is a part of this Code of Conduct.

A practical guide to anti-corruption

28 February 2018 , Anders Venemyr, Advokatfirma Compliancepartner

How to comply with international legal requirements, based on acknowledged best practices:   A brief guide to understand national and international ant...

Anti-Corruption Policy

The Anti-Corruption Policy applies to all Norwegian Energy Partners' employees, advisors and consultants as well as Norwegian Energy Partners' Board members.
This policy is an integrated part of the Code of Conduct.

NORWEP integrity line

Norwegian Energy Partners' Integrity Line provides an additional channel for both employees and third parties to report potential irregularities. This may include illegal or criminal offenses, like fraud, corruption, embezzlement etc.
The Integrity Line does not replace the NORWEP`s regular information and reporting channels through regional directors , managing directorchairperson of the board etc. but is an additional reporting channel, also when timely or appropriate reply are missing.
Contact: Attorney Anders Venemyr

Legal Advice for partners

Norwegian Energy Partners offers a unique and exclusive legal advice service to its partners to seek legal advice - for one day-  on anti-corruption issues. This is achieved through the cooperation agreement Norwegian Energy Partners has with Attorney at law Anders Venemyr, a specialist in anti- corruption issues, financial investigation, business integrity and ethical advisory.

Background Checks

In the global market place any company has to act in accordance with both international and country-specific laws and we have seen a number of cases in latter years (Telenor, Yara, Petrobras...) where companies run into major problems due to business practices that are not up to par.
Companies that do not take this seriously run the risk of jeopardizing their own business and could - in worst case - find themselves under criminal investigation.

Anti-Corruption FAQ

Examples of relevant questions connected to the cases and examples in the Case studies (see menu).

Case studies

Some examples of dilemmas and situations that can pose a threat to legal business practices, connected to the FAQ.

Relevant Internet resources

If you are looking for more resources on anti-corruption.