Legal Advice for partners

Norwegian Energy Partners offers a unique and exclusive legal advice service to its partners to seek legal advice - for one day-  on anti-corruption issues. This is achieved through the cooperation agreement Norwegian Energy Partners has with Attorney at law Anders Venemyr, a specialist in anti- corruption issues, financial investigation, business integrity and ethical advisory.

INTSOK's legal advisor on anti-corruption issues

This service enables our partners to contact Anders to request advice on specific issues. Issues that will not be disclosed to others unless agreed upon in advance. This service is free of charge for NORWEP partners except for any travel or out-of-pocket expences, which will be for the partners' account.

Anders Venemyr is running the law firm Advokatfirma Compliancepartner AS. This law firm specialises in helping clients develop an in-house capability to increase their resistance to corruption, fraud and other misconduct, in order to gain competitive advantages within corporate compliance and ethics.

Contact Details:
Attorney Anders Venemyr
Phone +47 90 20 77 55