Relevant Internet resources

If you are looking for more resources on anti-corruption.

Corruption in general:

•The letter of the law (Lovtekst, in Norwegian)

•Information from the central unit for investigation of economical and environmental crime

•Corruption – (in Norwegian)

•The UN convention regarding corruption

Anti-corruption organizations and initiatives:

•UN Global Compact Anti-Corruption

•OECD guidelines combating Bribery

•NMFA – anticorruption information (Norwegian)

•Global Advice Network - A Business Anti-Corruption Portal for SMEs operating in emerging markets and developing countries. Recommended tool by the United Nations Global Compact and the World Bank.

•Transparency International

•Transparency International Norway

•Corruption Perception index 2014

•“Protect your business” – Anticorruption handbook for the Norwegian business sector

•EITI – Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

•Council of Europe (Europa-rådet)

•ICC – International Chamber of Commerce

US law, practice and guidelines regarding corruption:


•FCPA guidance from the US justice department

•Federal Sentencing Guidelines

• OECD Foreign Bribery report

UK law, practice and guidelines regarding corruption:

•UK Bribery Act - The UK Bribery Act modernises the law on bribery and came into force 1 July 2011.

• UK Bribery Act Guidance (Complete guide) (Quick-start guide)

Money Laundering:

• Hvitvaskingsloven (lovtekst)

• Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

• International Money Laundering Information Network (IMoLIN)

• The Anti Money Laundering Network

• World Money Laundering Report

• Commercial Crime Services:

Other relevant links: