Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions Database

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) are inviting Norwegian companies to be part of an online database of services and products for the Arctic and cold climate areas.
The purpose of the Arctic and Cold Climate solutions database is to provide the market with all relevant Arctic and cold climate technologies and solutions from the Norwegian supoply industry in an easily accessible online database.

The purpose of the Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions project is a project to strengthen Norwegian Arctic offshore maritime and petroleum-related technology and competence in Norway, Greenland, USA (Alaska), Canada, Russia and Kazakhstan (The Caspian sea).

The purpose of the Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions database is to identify and highlight companies in Norway that have technology and services that could contribute to oil and gas operations in the arctic and cold climate regions. The aim is to facillitate Norwegian industry delivering world-class technology and solutions for Arctic and cold climate capital development projects. Both offshore technology and onshore coastal facilities such as LNG plants and terminals in Arctic waters are included as well as related maritime offshore activities.

This Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions database will be an online database, hence companies will at all times be able to add, update or remove their products and services. The information that companies register in the database will be reviewed and approved by Norwegian Energy Partners to ensure the relevance and quality of the content in the database.

Submitting information to the Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions database is free of charge for NORWEP partners. For non-members, a fee of NOK 10 000 will apply.

We are currently in the data-gathering phase. Register your company today and start registering your products/services at

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