Cost-efficient solutions Report

Version 1.1, June 2019
The brutal fall in the oil price late 2014, forced the oil and gas industry to cut costs at a massive scale. The supply industry responded to the challenge with great commitment and made available cost efficient products, services and solutions that the oil and gas companies took advantage of.

Substantial cost and efficiency gains have been achieved over the last past 3-4 years. The break-even price for a number of field developments is down by 30-50 per cent. The industry has almost halved its overall cost level since 2013. 
This report documents a number of Norwegian oil & gas supply companies that managed to stay in business by increasing their competitiveness and how they did it.

Read the report (pdf).

In addition to the report, you may also download presentations from each company to learn more about how they rose to the challenge! Click on the logo: