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  • Angola Entry Network Project Expand Minimize 19 - 23 April 2015

    INTSOK- The Norwegian Oil and Gas partners  in cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Angola hosted the Angola Entry Network Project (AENP) with 8 participating companies in the period 19 – 23 April. 

  • Angolan Network meeting Oct. 2013 Expand Minimize 2 October 2013

    Thank you for participating in our Angolan Network Meeting October 2, 2013.
    All presentations are now available for download under the tab Presentations (for INTSOK Partners only)
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  • Angola Offshore Market Report 2018-2021 Expand Minimize Rystad Energy for Norwegian Energy Partners, 15 August 2017

    A comprehensive forecast of trends and developments in the Angolean oil and gas market, focused on offshore capex and opex expenditures, covering the period 2018-2021.
    The report is prepared exclusively for NORWEP partners by Rystad Energy.

    This is an excerpt from the NORWEP's Annual Offshore Market Report 2018-2021. The full report can be found at:

  • Angola Election 2017 Expand Minimize Willy Olsen, Special Advisor, Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), 8 August 2017

    Angola is preparing for an historic election and the longtime leader, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, will formally step down in 2018 after 38 years in power.
    Analysts inside and outside the country say they are keeping a close watch, here is our take on the situation and the possible outcome.