1st Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions Network Meeting

18 April 2016

Location: Hammerfest


INTSOK is now running a new national joint industry project: "Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions".

This is a project to strengthen Norwegian Arctic offshore maritime and petroleum related technology and competence. We wish to pave the way for Norwegian industry delivering world class technology/solutions for Arctic and Cold Climate capital development projects, as well as related infrastructure, in the markets: Norway, Greenland, USA (Alaska), Canada, Russia and Kazakhstan (The Caspian sea).

INTSOK, through this project, will be an effective tool to promote the right innovation and technology development and strengthen the Norwegian petroleum cluster within Arctic/Cold Climate technology and solutions. This project will explicitly connect technology provided by industry directly to real technology needs in the individual capital development projects in each of these markets. At the same time, this project will highlight concrete future development projects and infrastructure needs for the industry to develop the best solutions in a timely manner.

Several Network Meetings with industry are planned and implemented in cooperation with PetroArctic. The purpose of such meetings is to provide:
- Knowledge about what the future will entail, market opportunities
- Which projects are relevant for the next four years and further ahead
- Prepare arctic catalogue, more extensive than today
- Inform about the challenges and the requirements/demand
- Review of current supply chains
- Demonstrate possibilities and link to products, goods and services
- If the client(s) is present, they will more directly inform about the challenges, which deliveries are expected/required and what specific projects are relevant

The First Network Meeting was held in Hammerfest on Monday 18 April.

Practical information

  • The Network meeting was held in Norwegian
  • participation fees apply (paid upon registration):
    • INTSOK Partner: NOK 1.000,- pr. pers.
    • PetroArctic members: NOK 1.000,- pr. pers.
    • Non-members: NOK 3.000,- pr. pers.
    • Steering committee members: no fee