Gazprom Workshop

3 October 2018

Location: EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia


In connection with Offshore Marintec in St. Petersburg, Russia, the "Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions" project is hosting a Workshop with Gazprom from Wednesday 3 October 2018, where Gazprom will present their forthcoming projects, technology needs and steps towards project implementation. 

Gazprom management and specialists will participate and discuss their relevant area of expertise. NORWEP members will each present their capabilities, technology and solutions for arctic/cold climate solutions, pending Gazprom approval.
This Workshop is a continuation of similar workshop with Gazprom held 1 year ago during RAO/CIS.

Registration to present at the Workshop closed per 15 August 2018. Additional NORWEP members may also attend the Workshop, without presentation possibility and Exhibition entrance fee applies. Direct registration for Offshore Marintec Exhibition & Conference:

Additional opportunity:
NORWEP members also have the possibility to exhibit their capabilities at the Offshore Marintec Exhibition from 2-5 October, in combination with this Gazprom Workshop. Those who are interested should register at:

Practical information:
• Travel: Attendees are responsible for their own travel reservations and costs, e.g. flight, transportation, visa and accommodation. There is no room block reservation for this event.
• Visa: Please refer to the Russian Embassy's website for entry visa requirements and guidelines