Workshop with NOVATEK

Oil & gas upstream

18 - 21 June 2018

Location: Moscow, Russia


In co-operation with NOVATEK, members of Norwegian Energy Partners have been invited to participate in a Workshop focusing on the Arctic LNG 2 Project . NOVATEK has pre-approved Workshop participants.

This Workshop is organised as part of the "Arctic and Cold Climate Solutions" Project , in co-operation with NOVATEK.

More details about the Arctic LNG 2 is presented on our web under Priority Projects: and is further described in the brand new market report for Russia (arctic and cold climate):

The same week our workshop with NOVATEK is planned, we will have a chance to take part in Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress and Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibitions taking place in Moscow from 18-21 June 2018. More details about this event are on the web: