Australia Network Meeting

11 June 2015

Market: Australia

Location: The Terrace Lounge, 185 St. Georges Terrace, Perth


INTSOK partners are invited to a Network Meeting in Australia. Handelsbanken's Chief Economist Knut Anton Mork will present his views on the current state and the future of the world economy with special emphasis on the implications of lower natural-resource prices for the Australian and Norwegian economies.

This Network Meeting will be held on Thursday 11 June 2015 at The Terrace Lounge, 185 St. Georges Terrace, Perth, Australia from 12:00 - 15:00. Lunch will be provided.

Please confirm your attendance directly to by no later than 22 May 2015.


Handelsbanken is a Nordic bank with a strong presence in all 4 Nordic countries as well as in the UK and the Netherlands. They are one of the top 5 banks in Norway with about 50 branches across the country. They are also the only Nordic bank with a presence here in Australia. 
Knut Anton Mork is Handelsbanken's Chief Economist for Norway. Knut Anton received his PhD in economics from MIT in 1977. He remained in the United States as an academic until 1990 and has built an international reputation as a leading expert on the macroeconomic effects of oil price fluctuations. Since his return to Norway, he has been a vocal participant in the public debate on Norwegian economic policy, including monetary and fiscal policy and the role of the oil and gas sector. He joined Handelsbanken in 1996 and currently serves on a government-appointed committee to offer a fresh perspective on the fiscal rule for the spending of the return on the sovereign wealth fund.