Norway Days in Baku

29 - 31 October 2013

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan


INTSOK partners were part of a delegation visit to Baku, Azerbaijan from 29-31 October 2013. With the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Baku, the visit consisted of 3 Workshops with: Ministry of Emergency Situation; SOCAR; CDC; and meeting with Statoil.

Presentations are now available - pls contact if you cannot access documents.
29 Oct: Workshop with Ministry of Emergency Situation,  - invitees from SOCAR, BP, Statoil and Total.
              Topic: Emission reduction, oil spill prevention and response - clean up technologies
29 Oct: Reception hosted by the Norwegian Ambassador to Baku, Mr. Erling Skjønsberg
30 Oct: Workshop with SOCAR,  -  invitees from BP, and Statoil
              Topics: a): Improved Oil Recovery, b): Improved operation, modification and maintenance
31 Oct: Workshop with Caspian Drilling Company (CDC) – invitees from the new Shipyard, SOCAR, BP, and Statoil.
              Topic: Technology and services for drilling rigs, service vessels and fixed installations.
Practical Information
All participants are responsible for their own travel related reservations and costs, e.g. accommodation, flights, etc.
Participation fee: In general participation will be free of charge but we will share any cost of common meals and rental of meeting rooms etc. between the participants. This has been calculated and set to NOK 2.000,- per speaker and NOK 750,- per additional company representative, which will be invoiced after the Workshops.  
Visa: All Norwegian citizens need a visa to enter Azerbaijan. The Embassy in Stockholm will need two weeks to process We can recommend assistance from or your company travel agency.