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  • Breakfast seminar during Rio Oil & Gas 2018 Expand Minimize 26 September 2018

    Norwegian Energy Partners with Consulate General Rio de Janeiro and Innovation Norway welcome customers and Norwegian suppliers to participate at our Breakfast seminar during Rio Oil & Gas 2018.

  • Breakfast seminar during Rio Oil & Gas 2018 Expand Minimize 26 September 2018

    Norwegian Energy Partners with Consulate General Rio de Janeiro and Innovation Norway welcome customers and Norwegian suppliers to participate at our Breakfast seminar during Rio Oil & Gas 2018.

  • Rio Oil & Gas 2018 Expand Minimize 24 - 27 September 2018

    NORWEP supports the Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference which is recognized as the leading oil and gas industry event in Latin America being a prominent place for networking, discussing major technological issues and promoting innovative ideas.

  • Meet the advisors in Norway Expand Minimize 3 - 4 September 2018

    NORWEP partners have the opportunity to meet up with one or more of our international Energy Advisors, during the ONS week most of our advisors will be present for International Markets sessions and out visiting international delegations. Thereafter, 3rd and 4th September, they will visit Bergen and Oslo for one-to-one appointments.

  • Petrobras - NORWEP workshop Expand Minimize 13 April 2018

    Norwegian Energy partners is pleased to inform you that we are organizing a workshop with Petrobras in April.

  • The Brazilian Oil & Gas market towards 2021 Expand Minimize 14 November 2017

    BNCC, NHO & NORWEP invite you to a breakfast meeting to discuss The Way Forward for the Oil & Gas industry in Brazil.

  • Brazilian-Norwegian Seminar Expand Minimize 6 November 2017

    Brazilian-Norwegian Seminar on Decommissioning and Maintenance of Fields in Late Production

  • Brazil Country Manager in Norway Expand Minimize 4 - 8 September 2017

    Mr. Adhemar Freire, The Country Manager for Brazil will be visiting Norway the first week of September. He  is prepared to meet with the partners,  present planned NORWEP activities in Brazil in the second half of 2107 and further discuss how he can support partners  in in the Brazilian market covering  the  following technology areas:

  • Network meeting with Petrobras Expand Minimize 23 June 2017

    Petrobras – NORWEP Network Meeting on the New Procurement Strategy and Vendor List Qualification.

  • Rio Oil & Gas 2016 - Norwegian Pavilion Expand Minimize 24 - 27 October 2016

    INTSOK is institutionally supporting the Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference which is recognized as the leading oil and gas industry event in Latin America being a prominent place for networking, discussing major technological issues and promoting innovative ideas.

  • Life Time Extension of Fields in Operation Expand Minimize 20 October 2016

    A workshop on capabilities and innovative technologies for Life Extension, hosted by INTSOK Brazil. The Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) has published an article by Runa Hestmann: Old assets, new challenges .

  • Patenting and Technology transfer concerns in Brazil Expand Minimize 19 April 2016

    Networking lunch meeting in Oslo.
    Patent attorney Magnus Aspeby, senior partner at the law firm Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello in Rio de Janeiro will speak about technology transfer and patenting in Brazil.
    The meeting is free of charge and open to all.

  • Norway-Brazil Business Compliance Seminar Expand Minimize 5 April 2016

    Team Norway with INTSOK as the Lead Agency had the pleasure of inviting INTSOK partners to attend the Business Compliance Seminar in Rio de Janeiro 5 April.

  • R&D Workshop Invitation Expand Minimize 1 - 2 March 2016

    Finep (Brazilian Innovation Agency) and the RCN (Research Council of Norway) have launched the first joint call for innovation projects within the RD&I collaboration between Norway and Brazil. A workshop will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro as a preparatory activity for the joint calls between Finep an RCN.

  • Network Meeting - Sete Brazil Expand Minimize 28 January 2016

    INTSOK Internal Network Meeting in Rio de Janeiro to discuss status on the Sete Brazil Project:
    Invitation to attend with a local representative.

  • Official visit to Brazil November 2015 Expand Minimize 17 November 2015

    Oil & Gas and Offshore Maritime Seminar.
    On the occasion of the visit of H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon to Brazil, Innovation Norway in cooporation with INTSOK, and the Norwegian Shipowners' Association arrange a seminar on Oil & Gas and Offshore Maritime in Rio 17th November 2015.

    See the photos from the seminar !

  • Brazil Well and Subsea Integrity Workshop Expand Minimize 26 October 2015

    Workshop on a new and strict regulatory framework including guidelines on Well and Drilling Integrity and Subsea Systems Integrity (incl. pipelines) in cooperation with Innovation Norway and with institutional support by ANP and The Norwegian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro.

  • The Role of Pre-Sal S/A Expand Minimize 11 - 12 August 2015

    Reception & Breakfast Seminar: The Role of Pre-Sal S/A - Approach to Norwegian Institutions and Industry

    Reception: 11th August 2015, 20:00 - 22:00
    Breakfast Seminar: 12th August 2015, 08:30 - 11:00

  • Workshop on Oil Spill Preparedness in Brazil Expand Minimize 3 March 2015

    Speakers from IBAMA, ANP, Brazilian Navy Ports and Coasts Directorate presented rules and regulations related to oil spill preparedness and contingency response.

    Petrobras, Statoil, Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás shared their experiences in best practices and contingency response.

    In addition, 15 INTSOK partners presented capabilities within detection, surveillance, response and containment systems, including risk assessment and modelling.

  • Brazil Advisor visit to Norway Expand Minimize 2 - 10 February 2015

    INTSOK Partners are invited to meet our Local Advisor from Brazil when he tours Norway at the beginning of February.

  • November Conference: RD&I in the oil & gas industry Expand Minimize 3 - 4 November 2014

    The November Conference is a seminar hosted by Team Norway in close collaboration between Norway and Brazil within research, development and innovation in the oil and gas industry. This initiative is based upon the challenges on developing new technology in the O&G sector. The seminar is organized by an alliance of Brazilian and Norwegian research and higher education institutions, mixed with industry players.

  • NBCC: Breakfast seminar Expand Minimize 17 September 2014

    The Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce invites you to the breakfast seminar

  • Pre-Salt Innovation Chain Challenges and Responses Expand Minimize 16 September 2014

    One-day workshop hosted by International Energy Agency (IEA) Gas & Oil Technologies Implementing Agreement and Agência Nacional Petróleo, Brazil (ANP).

    The workshop is free of charge but you must book in advance to:

  • Environmental management, technology and regulation Expand Minimize 15 September 2014

    Seminar on Environmental management, technology and Regulation in the Brazilian Oil & Gas Industry.

    The seminar aims to give fundamental insights on the environmental aspects in the Brazilian O&G industry, involving all relevant market and policy forces.

    Registration deadline: Friday 12th September.
    Please contact Ms. Renata Ferreira at Innovation Norway to register.

  • Rio Oil & Gas 2014 Expand Minimize 15 - 18 September 2014

    A leading oil and gas industry event in Latin America, the Rio Oil & Gas Expo and Conference, takes place at the Riocentro Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro 15th - 18th September 2014.

  • Rio Insitutions Workshop Expand Minimize 26 August 2014

    INTSOK is very pleased to cooperate with "Governo do Rio de Janeiro" to promote  the workshop on:

  • Invitation to the Norwegian pavilion at Navalshore Expand Minimize 12 - 14 August 2014

    The Royal Norwegian Consulate General and Innovation Norway , in close cooperation with the Norwegian Maritime Exporters, INTSOK and the Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, have the pleasure to invite you to visit the Norwegian Pavilion at Marintec South America - Navalshore 2014.

  • FPSO workshop Expand Minimize 21 May 2014

    Workshop for New Solutions and Technologies for the FPSO Program.

  • Shipyard and Client Visit to Rio Grande Expand Minimize 10 - 14 March 2014

    INTSOK, in close cooperation with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Consulate General, hosted a business delegation visit to to Rio Grande do Sul. 

  • Brazil Advisor visit to Norway Expand Minimize 17 - 28 February 2014

    INTSOK Partners are invited to meet our Local Advisor from Brazil when he tours Norway at the end of February.

  • Network Meeting Brazil: Legislation & outsourcing 2013 Expand Minimize 12 November 2013

    INTSOK had the pleasure of organising a network meeting in Rio de Janeiro for INTSOK Partners. The meeting reviewed the labor legislation in Brazil with respect to outsourcing.
    Presentations are now available under the tab Presentations.


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  • Brazil Offshore Oil & Gas Market Report 2019 - 2022 Expand Minimize Prepared by Rystad Energy for Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), 29 August 2018

    (This is an exerpt from the  Annual Offshore Oil & Gas Market Report 2019 - 2022 )
    After several years with challenges for Petrobras and the Brazilian upstream sector, the outlook is more promising than its been for a long time. While several giant ultra-deepwater oil projects are under development, a number of non-sanctioned discoveries are also in the pipeline, with international companies on the owner side that are determined to invest further in the projects.

  • Petrobras Business and Management plan 2018-2022 Expand Minimize Petrobras, 4 January 2018

    The Business and Management Plan 2018-2022 focuses on safety and financial leverage reduction.
    The main pillars of the Plan are competitive prices, efficiency of Capex, efficiency of Opex and the partnerships and divestments program. 
    The BMP 2018-2022 investment portfolio maintains the same level of investments in relation to BMP 2017-2021 and continues to prioritize exploration and production projects of oil in Brazil. In the other business areas, investments are intended primarily to maintain operations and projects related to the outflow of oil and natural gas.
    The company continues with reduction efforts, estimating an amount of US$ 136.8 billion of manageable operating expenses in the BMP 2018-2022.

  • Strategic Monitoring and Business and Management Plan 2018-2022 Expand Minimize Pterobras, 4 January 2018

    Petrobras informs that its Board of Directors approved in a meeting held yesterday the Business and Management Plan 2018-2022 (BMP 2018-2022).
    The Board also approved the Strategic Monitoring process, based on the Strategic Plan released in September 2016, which consists of the permanent evaluation of the business environment and the implementation of the plan, allowing adjustments to be made in a more agile and efficient way.
    BMP 2018-2022 is based on two main top metrics, safety and financial, as defined in the BMP 2017-2021 and continue to guide the company's strategic actions:
    - The security metric was anticipated in two years: Total Recordable Injury recorded per million men-hours (TRI) was reduced from 1.4 to 1.0 by 2018;
    - The financial leverage target was maintained: Net debt/adjusted EBITDA of 2.5 in 2018.

  • Norwegian Investments in Brazil Expand Minimize The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, with Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, 15 November 2017

    Norwegian companies with activities in Brazil were invited to participate in a quantitative and an anonymous qualitative survey in September 2017. The majority of consolidated quantitative data in this report was collected from the surveyed Norwegian companies.
    The methodology and historical data presented in this report follow mapping exercises commissioned by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro and the Embassy of Norway in Brasilia in 2015. The present fourth version adds data from the last 2 years.

  • Business compliance - a common concern Expand Minimize Runa Hestmann, NBCC journalist, 5 April 2016

    Several high profiled speakers shared their insights during Team Norway seminar on business compliance this month.
    The seminar took place at the Windsor Atlantica Hotel in Copacabana and was an event organized by the Consulate General, INTSOK, Abran, Innovation Norway and NBCC.
    Risk analysis and the use of agents when operating in a new market were among the topics discussed by the speakers.


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  • Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce Expand Minimize 18 April 2014

    A non-profit and non-political association, whose purpose is to promote trade and good-will, and to foster business, financial and professional interests between Norway and Brazil.

  • ONIP Expand Minimize 18 April 2014

    The National Organization of the Petroleum Industry (ONIP) in Brazil operates as a forum for articulation and cooperation between companies dedicated to exploration, production, refining, processing, transportation, and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products, suppliers of goods and services to the petroleum sector, government bodies, as well as funding agencies.
    ONIP has 2 types of register. One is a common register where users can consult and see statistics about the register.  Another one, called CADFOR, is exclusively used by a group of operators in Brazil (ANADARKO, BG Brasil, BP Brasil, CHEVRON Brasil, EL PASO OLEO E GAS, MAERSK, REPSOL, SINOPEC BRASIL S/A, SHELL BRASIL AND STATOIL).

  • Expand Minimize 18 April 2014 is a relatively new website characterized by independent news coverage on oil and gas pre-salt areas in all corners of the globe, but with main focus on the regions of Brazil, Africa and Asia.

    The news sources uses include main players in the world on this subject, qualified reporters and specialized editors that are dedicated to pre-salt issues.