Brazilian-Norwegian Seminar

6 November 2017

Market: Brazil

Location: Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos – FINEP (Av. República do Chile, 330, Torre Oeste – Centro)


Brazilian-Norwegian Seminar on Decommissioning and Maintenance of Fields in Late Production

Some photos from the seminar .

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), representing the capabilities of the Norwegian energy cluster within upstream oil and gas, invited to the Brazilian-Norwegian Decommissioning and Maintenance of Fields in Late Production Seminar.

According to ANP, more than 50% of the offshore facilities in Brazil have surpassed 25 years of operation and close to 80 facilities are expected to be decommissioned in the years to come. Most of these facilities are fixed platforms.
While the assets are still in their late life of operation, solutions to extend their life in combination with decommissioning activities will be explored. There will be needs to identify innovative and cost effective solutions for maintenance of these fields.

ANP is now drafting a regulation which aims to reduce uncertainties related to decommissioning activities in Brazil. then it is time to learn the challenges with regulation, technical, logistics, financial, environmental, legal and social impacts in order to overcome with a sustainable solution.

Solutions addressed by NORWEP companies included:
• Maintenance and compliance services to ensure safe and cost-effective operation of facilities on the way to decommissioning.
• Digital Solutions for late life production
• Techniques for decommissioning 
• Real time environmental monitoring

Welcome. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Registration open for NORWEP partners. Others, by invitation only.

Please contact Country Manager Adhemar Freire ( ) for more information.