Skype with the Canada advisor

Oil & gas upstream

11 - 15 May 2020

Market: Canada

Location: Norway


Interested in business in Canada, or wanting to follow up on earlier discussions? Sign up for a Skype meeting with the Energy advisor to Canada, David Keating.

David Keating, Energy Advisor to Canada, was planning a visit to Norway in May to meet with our partners. Unfortunately the visit has been postponed, but the offer stands to schedule a meeting with him in the same way as most meetings are held these days: digitally. 

Are you curious about the most recent developments in the energy mix of Canada? Do you have a business idea your believe to have potential in Canda, and you would like to discuss? Or, just let a local representative know more about your technology, so he can keep you in mind if he comes across potential business opportunities through his significant network! 

If one, or several, of the above sounds relevant: book a meeting with our Energy Advisor to Canada, David Keating today. 

Click here to book meetings with him in May , or contact David directly to book a meeting on another occation on

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Charlotte Mullins ( ).