Energy delegation to Colombia 2017

Hydro energy Oil & gas midstream Solar energy

27 November - 1 December 2017

Market: Colombia

Location: Medellin, Colombia


Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Bogotá, is pleased to invite Norwegian renewable energy companies to The Second Energy Week - Latin America and the Caribbean in Medellin, Colombia, in the last week of November 2017.  

We, in cooperation with International Centre for Hydropower (ICH), invite Norwegian hydropower companies to attend the international ICH conference " Enhancing Sustainability in Hydropower Development " from the 27th to the 29th of November. The ICH conference is one of the official events of The Second Energy Week Latin America and the Caribbean. Another official event is the  FISE - Feria Internacional del Sector Eléctrico  exhibition from the 29th to the 1st of December where we are going to organise a Norwegian pavilion (24 sq m). On the 29th of November, the energy week will be dedicated to Colombia-Norway relations; At the Colombia - Norway Energy Forum, we´ll organise a session that will mainly focus on solar power but also small scale LNG electricity production. There will also be organised a session for hydropower.

Draft agenda outline:

27 November – 01 December, HYDROPOWER

The ICH conference, Norwegian pavilion at the FISE exhibition and the Colombia-Norway Energy Forum offer a unique opportunity to showcase Norwegian hydropower technology and competence to an eager and interested Latin American audience. We offer the following package to the hydropower companies:

- 2 panels with your company design at the Norwegian pavilion at FISE exhibition (29 Nov-1 Dec)
- 5 entries for your contacts to the exhibition (29 Nov-1 Dec)
- 1 entry to the ICH conference (workshop not included in the package) (27-29 Nov)
- 1 entry to the cocktail reception hosted by the Norwegian Embassy in Colombia (27 Nov)
- 1 entry to the big inauguration and coctail of the energy week (29 Nov)
- 1 entry to Colombia-Norway Energy Forum (29 Nov)

Register for the hydropower package now by sending an e-mail to

You could also join ICH´s technical tours after the conferences. The fee for the technical tour is 30 USD. Seats are limited. To sign up for the technical tours, please contact  / 

29 November - 2 December, SOLAR POWER
Solar companies are invited to address  the Norway - Colombia Energy Forum in Medellín (29. Nov.), meet with Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM)  and visit different solar energy locations in the Medellín area (30 Nov.– 2 Dec.).

All participating solar power and small scale LNG companies will be invited to attend and give capability presentations at the Colombia-Norway Energy Forum in Medellín on the 29th of November.

Interested companies are welcome to contact Regional Director Gulbrand Wangen .

Preliminary programme overview:

  Hydropower Solar Energy   
Saturday/Sunday (25-26 Nov) ICH workshop (at an additional cost) -  
Monday (27 Nov) ICH conference -  
Tuesday (28 Nov) ICH conference -  
Wednesday (29 Nov)

Colombia-Norway Energy Forum

Opening ceremony

Colombia-Norway Energy Forum
Thursday/Friday (30 Nov-1 Dec)

FISE energy week exhibition

Technical tours

Technical tour