IOR Workshop with ONGC

17 December 2018

Market: India

Location: Mumbai, India


Norwegian Energy Partners has been invited to arrange and facilitate an IOR Workshop on 17 December 2018 in Mumbai, India to meet with ONGC.

ONGC is the largest National Oil Company of India and controls more than 80% of oil & gas operations in India. They are active in various plays including Onshore, Shallow water, deep water, ultra deep water CBM and now Renewable energy. Western Offshore Basin, next to the buzzing city of Mumbai, is the most prolific basin of ONGC and has 3 fields of Mumbai High, Neelam & Heera and Bassein & Salsette. Mumbai High is the oldest producing field since late 70's and is now facing problems of decreasing production rate. ONGC has been actively deploying several methods to increase the recovery ratio and thus is actively looking for more advanced technology in the field. Recently, Government of India has come up with the policy on EOR/IOR policy for incentivizing such technologies in India. Under this, a company would be provided with a 50 per cent cut in oil cess and 75 per cent cut in royalty to boost crude oil and gas output, respectively. ONGC had budgeted ~$8bn for EOR/IOR activities of which it has already spent around $6bn.

NORWEP partners that choose to participate will be meeting the top team of Western Offshore. Western Offshore comprises of 3 fields: Mumbai High; Neelam & Heera; and Bassein & Salsette. We are going to meet officials from all the 3 teams, specially production and surface managers. The Workshop is hinged at the top level with involvement of Asset Managers.

ONGC - The main challenges

  • Water Injection Redistribution in matured carbonate reservoir
  • Cleaning of drain holes with stimulation in deviated wells, long drain holes-300-500 mts
  • Water injection profiles
  • Identification of thief zones
  • profile modifications of water injection
  • Tracer Injection & tracking

NORWEP partners - your opportunities:

  • Present your capabilities to the biggest National Oil Company of India
  • Networking opportunity with the top level Officials of ONGC
  • Explore options and understanding on how to engage in Indian Oil & Gas Market
  • Understand Indian business culture


Please confirm your interest by submitting the following to by 30 November 2018:

  • Company, Name, title, email, mobile phone
  • Products /services (max half a page)
  • Value proposition (max 5 lines)


  • All participants are responsible for their travel reservations and related costs
    • Workshop participants must apply for a business visa - pls contact for Letter of Invitation
  • There is no Workshop participation fee for NORWEP partners
  • Non-partners will be invoiced for NOK8.000,- per participant