India Technology Exploration Seminar

Oil & gas upstream

9 - 10 December 2019

Market: India

Location: Dehradun & New Delhi, India


Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is organising a Technology Capability presentation Seminar, in the areas of exploration technologies, with ONGC on Monday 9 December 2019. The Seminar will be held at ONGC Office, Dehradun, India. The objective is to give our Partners the opportunity to present their technology to ONGC and Indian Oil & Gas Operators.

Indian Government has introduced several reforms in pricing and marketing to boost the exploration activities in the country. Recently, the government has introduced the concessional royalty rates to expedite production from the less explored Category –II and –III basins. This has renewed interest of the biggest oil company in India, ONGC, who is actively showing interest in the new and cost effective technologies available globally. Apart from ONGC, other operators who are active in Indian market are Oil India Limited, Cairn and Reliance who are increasing their exploratory activities with Government of India floating new rounds for block allocation. Recently, Norwegian major, Equinor also acknowledged the importance of Indian market with the opening of office in India.

More in NORWEP's India Offshore Oil & Gas report 2020- 2023 -  (for Partners only)

Identifying the needs within the Indian market, ONGC has requested NORWEP to invite companies with value added technologies in below fields:


  • New Geophysical tools in hydrocarbon exploration
  • Advances in Seismic data Acquisition and processing
  • Sub-Basalt Imaging
  • Passive Seismic – Role in Hydrocarbon Exploration and field monitoring
  • Advanced non- Seismic methods

Geology & unconventional

  • Hydrocarbon Exploration in volcanic rocks/ volcanic margins
  • Geo chemical modelling of Pre-Cambrian rocks
  • Advances in Reservoir characterization
  • Geo-Mechanical Modeling- 3D and 4D sense
  • Hydro-fracturing
  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • - Tight Reservoirs
  • - HP-HT & Ultra HP-HT
  • - Shale exploration
  • - Basement –Fracture reservoirs
  • Deep water Exploration & Development concepts

Advances in Earth Science

  • Carbon capture & CO2- EOR
  • Use of Machine learning & Data Analytics


  • Sun 8 Dec: Arrival at New Delhi Airport for a Connecting flight to Dehradun
  • Sun 8 Dec: Networking Dinner for the Norwegian Company Delegates and ONGC Officials
  • Mon 9 Dec: “Exploration  Technology “ Seminar at ONGC
  • Mon 9 Dec: Evening Flight to New Delhi, Stay at New Delhi 
  • Tues 10 Dec: “Exploration Technology” Seminar at Cairn India
  • Tues 10 Dec / Wed 11 Dec: return to Norway

NORWEP partners - your opportunities

  • Present your capabilities to the biggest National Oil Company of India
  • Networking opportunity with the top level Officials of ONGC
  • Explore options and understanding on how to engage in Indian Oil & Gas Market
  • Understand Indian business culture

Please confirm your interest by submitting the following to   by Friday 22 November 2019:

  • Company, Name, title, email, mobile phone
  • Products /services (max half a page)
  • Value proposition (max 5 lines)


  • All participants are responsible for their own flight and accommodation reservations and related costs - recommendations will follow
  • There is no participation fee for NORWEP partners
  • Non-partners will be invoiced for NOK8.000,- per participant
  • Please ensure you review and meet the entry requirements for India
  • Dehradun is located at Himalayas and is the main city for many of ONGC institutes, like the Institute of Drilling Technology, Geodata Processing & Interpretation Center, ONGC Academy etc. ONGC will be represented with spesialists, operation managers, and top management from ONGC Exploration team. Dehradun is located at 45 min flight time from New Delhi and thereis several flights from Dehradun to Delhi daily.