Indonesia-Norway bilateral energy dialogue

Oil & gas upstream

6 April 2017

Market: Indonesia

Location: Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta Tugu Tani


Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP), in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MIGAS) and Indonesian Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK MIGAS), hosted the seminar IOR through smart and efficient drilling, completion and well intervention to showcase Norwegian companies’ capabilities in Indonesia in conjunction with the Indonesia-Norway Bilateral Energy Dialogue on the 6th of April 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Improving operational efficiency is a key to operators. Drilling has been one of the key factors of oil and gas production. There are also other processes that contribute to efficiency. Norway and its know-how expertise in the oil and gas industry have been one of the best references for Indonesia in developing its national oil industry. During the seminar, NORWEP partners got to share their knowledge and experience in carrying out efficiency in the oil industry with key decision makers in Indonesia. The seminar focused on relevant project experiences and case studies that showcased their services and technology within drilling and associated well construction technologies to improve oil recovery.

Participation fee: companies selected for the seminar are requested to pay a participation fee of 5.000 NOK per person as a contribution to the event cost.

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to contact Country Manager Diah Noor ( ) or Director Per Hagen ( ).

Click here to take a look at some of the photos from the seminar taken by Innovation Norway`s photographer.



06 April 2017, Brynjulv Kløve

Statoil International and Exploration Drilling Industry Leader


05 April 2017, Antonius Sanyojaya / Rita Susanto

Overview of Indonesian Taxation and challenges in doing business in the energy sector (from the service providers perspective)

University of Stavanger

06 April 2017, Torleiv Bilstad

Cost Effective Smart Water Production for Enhanced Oil Recovery by Membranes


06 April 2017, Bonar Marbun

Drilling Efficiency


06 April 2017, Muliawan

Updates on Indonesia’s Upstream Oil and Gas

Kongsberg Digital

06 April 2017, Dismas Bismo Tjitrosoemarto

Achieving Well Construction Efficiency through an Independent Realtime Data Platform to Enable ‘Monitor-By-Recommendation’ of Critical Operations 


06 April 2017, Terje Vastveit

An Advance in Primary Solids Control Will Reduce Drilling Waste Volumes at Source without Compromising Solids Removal Efficiency


06 April 2017, Paul Vettese

Anchored Production Straddle (APS) for Gas Lift in the North Sea (a case study)


06 April 2017, Herutama Trikoranta

Success Story on IOR/EOR


06 April 2017, Geir Melhus

Innovative Completion Technology Saves Subsea Well Construction Cost and Improves Well Life and Productivity


06 April 2017, Tor Ødegård

Cantilever Unit for Well Restoration, Well Intervention and P&A


06 April 2017, Sugeng Riyono

R&D in Drilling

Aker Solutions

06 April 2017, Oscar Graff

CCUS - Technology the World Needs

Qinterra Technologies

06 April 2017, Rosano Sosrohadisewoyo

Light & Efficient Well Intervention for Wellbore Cleanout