HANDBOOK: Challenges of Doing Business in Indonesia

08 November 2017

Indonesia is not an easy place to do business. Widespread corruption, a weak legal system and social instability are some Indonesia-specific traits many fore...

Indonesia Offshore Market Report 2018-2021

15 August 2017 , Rystad Energy for Norwegian Energy Partners

A comprehensive forecast of trends and developments in the Indonesian oil and gas market, focused on offshore capex and opex expenditures, covering the peri...

Major Oil & Gas Players in Indonesia

19 October 2015 , Diah Ayu Wulansari, Indonesia Oil & Gas Advisor, INTSOK

An overview of all the major oil and gas players in Indonesia.

Indonesia Market Report 2016 (updated 2017)

25 January 2017 , Diah Noor, Country Manager, Indonesia

Updated January 2017.The report is produced following the INTSOK delegation visit to Jakarta in mid-March where we had organized a two days technology works...

New Oil & Gas legislation for Indonesia

28 April 2015 , Diah Noor, INTSOK Oil & Gas Advisor, Indonesia

Last week, lawmakers in Indonesia leaked provisions of a new draft law suggesting that petroleum production operations should be 100% state controlled. ...