Late life and P&A workshop

10 October 2019

Market: Malaysia

Location: Kuala Lumpur


Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) has been in contact with PETRONAS in Malaysia,  PTTEP in Thailand, PERTAMINA in Indonesia as well as the Government of Brunei about Late Life, P&A and decommissioning. They all welcome such an initiative with particular interest in Late Life mitigating measures.

We have defined the scope if this workshops to cover the phase until hydrocarbon production is shut down i.e. decommissioning of "dead" platforms is excluded. It will include Late Life of oil fields addressing measures that enhance production and ensure installation integrity - as further discussed below.

Call for Interest
Please confirm your interest in these workshops by submitting the following to by no later than Friday 14th June 2019:
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Late Life – enhancing production

Late Life is associated with the following issues:
• high water-cut oil well streams
• emulsion 
• large volumes of produced water
These may all become bottlenecks in the oil production and retrofit systems for effective separation high water cut oil production and treatment and disposal of big volumes of produced water may remove bottlenecks and recover more oil.

Water injection is a well proven IOR method, however additional low cost water injection facilities in Late Life may enhance production in an economic manner. 

New business models where leasing/renting the above water handling facilities may be of interest. 

Additional reserves:  modern seismic methods may discover pockets of oil that has not been produced. However, the installation has no more slots left for drilling these pockets. Ways of reaching these pockets are:
• Install satellite platforms and tie it back to the production host
• Recompletions of existing wells after water/gas breakthrough
• Drill a subsea satellite well over the target and tie it back to production host

Plug and abandon nonproducing wells, to recover the slots and drill a side-track to reach the target or for permanent abandonment

Late Life – ensuring installation integrity

Operations of necessary production systems in a shorter time span is essential for ensuring Late Life production: The Late Life measures has to be viewed in a shorter perspective, before the wells are finally abandoned and the installation decommissioned. This includes the following measures:
• maintaining integrity of platform and pipeline systems – including mitigating failure of electrical & instrumentation systems (e.g. cable insulation)
• retrofit solutions for, e.g.: 
   o firewater systems - , replacing corroded systems
   o Gas turbine packages – ensuring power installation supply 
• coating systems for a shorter residual life preventing external corrosion and ensuring structural integrity 
• providing easy access and inspection of critical systems / structures
• Other Life extension measures