Call for interest: Offshore Wind webinar series

Wind energy

30 June 2021


The NORWEP Offshore Wind Team is launching a series of webinars with new opportunities for NORWEP partners to present unique solutions to an audience of major developers and other potential clients. We expect to run our first webinars during June. While we believe webinars to be useful communication platforms also after Covid-19, they will never replace the delegation visits. We are already planning for some of those by this autumn.

The theme of each webinar will be pulled from our competency map.

Each webinar will last for 90 minutes with presentation of 4-6 partner solutions. Our target audience is inundated with request for meetings and proposals, so for this to work we have to select solutions from the various competency categories above that truly are unique and have an impact on the success of the development and operation of the wind farms. We will use to select candidates and then circle back to you to confirm interest.  

We will combine NORWEP client contacts with your wish to invite your client contacts to create efficient guest lists for each of the webinars.

Are you, as a NORWEP partner, interested in participating?  If so, revise your profile and value proposal under Offshore Wind in to reflect your unique offering.

NORWEP is prepared to add support in order to tailor made your product presentations and services in the best professional manner.