Kickoff: ONS 2020 Delegation Visiting Programme-SVG

9 January 2020

Market: Norway

Location: Måltidets Hus, "Arrangementsrom / Hos Ingrid", Richard Johnsens gate 4, Ullandhaug, Stavanger


Norwegian Energy Partners and ONS invite Partners to partake as Hosting Companies and help guide delegates, that are a part of the Delegation Visiting Programme, through the ONS Week from Sunday 30 August - Thursday 3 September 2020.

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) and ONS will invite key clients (Delegates) from some of the most relevant countries to ONS Week to partake in a Delegation Visiting Programme.

The Visiting Programme is a coordinated and joint effort by the Norwegian energy industry to further develop relationships with business partners throughout the world. The programme, tailor-made for different delegates, includes: pre-arranged B2B meetings with hosting companies (NORWEP partners who choose to join the programme); social networking arenas with hosting companies; ONS Conference participation, including International Markets and Renewable Markets.

The 2018 Programme hosted 165 delegates from: Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Ghana, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia and clients related to the offshore wind market.

Please sign up to find out how you can benefit from being a Hosting Company to the incoming delegations.
Attendance is restricted to NORWEP Partners only:

Stavanger - sign up  
Thursday 9 January 2020
08:30 - 10:30 
Måltidets Hus, "Arrangementsrom / Hos Ingrid", Richard Johnsens gate 4, Ullandhaug, Stavanger


  • Introduction by ONS
  • Delegation Visiting Programme 2020
  • Countries / Delegates to be invited
  • Hosting Companies package content and benefits

The same meeting was held in Oslo on Tuesday 7 January 2020