Learn how to improve your digital marketing through LinkedIn/Social media

24 March 14:00-15:30 CET


Norwegian Energy Partners invites our partners to sign up for a webinar-series where you will learn about sales and marketing strategies and tools that can increase your company’s visibility, attract new prospects and qualified leads. These webinars are customized for B2B companies in the energy sector, in cooperation with  Leadify .

Today, most companies have a LinkedIn Corporate page, however many fail to use this progressively as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Furthermore, employees in these companies can also contribute to increase the company’s visibility through social media like LinkedIn. In this webinar, (No.3 out of 6) you will learn how to create and maintain a well-structured company profile and presence, as well as setting up a professional profile as an individual company employee. Finally, we will demonstrate how you can use these platforms to build a strong network and generate business opportunities.

Who is it for?

We recommend this webinar to the top management and leaders within the areas of business development, sales, marketing, and communication.


Webinar Schedule:

Through 6 webinars, you will learn how B2B-companies in the energy sector can overcome these challenges. You will be introduced to powerful sales and marketing strategies, tools and methods, and learn how to use them as an integral part of your company’s overall growth strategy. 

17 February: Value Proposition

10 March: Digital Marketing & B2B Sales

24 March: LinkedIn/Social media

20 April: Webpages

19 May: Leads generation and increased sales potential through Google

9 June: Content Management


Practical information

This webinar is part of a the webinar series  Learn how to improve your digital marketing & B2B sales

You can register for the entire webinar series by clicking here.  The price for 6 webinars 1690,- NOK +VAT / 2990,- NOK+VAT for non- partners.

For signing up for this webinar only, please sign up for the event above. The price for a single session is 490,- NOK +VAT / 890,- NOK + VAT for non-partners.


How to join the webinar 

Register as described above. The meeting will be made available for pre-registered attendants only and you will receive a link prior to the webinar.

The event will take place on the Webinar application Zoom.

When signing up for the meeting, you agree that Norwegian Energy Partners may register you as a participant with Zoom

You may attend the webinar by web browser in case company policy prohibits downloading the application

In case of any questions or need for technical support, please contact  Rosemarie Frigstad Luke