OW market intelligence tool: Launch and Roadshow

Wind energy

September 2020

Market: Norway


NORWEP is launching it's exclusive global digital database with 750+ offshore wind projects and it's annual Offshore Wind Market Report in September 2020. 

In addition to the digital launch on 2 September, we will host a series of physical meetings to discuss market trends and demonstrate the database tool.  

Detailed invitations with more information will follow in August. Meanwhile, please make note of the dates below: 

Market Intelligence Tool and Report; Launch Webinar - 2 September

Oslo - 10 September

Bergen - 14 September

Stavanger - 15 September

Haugesund - 15 September

Kristiansand - 16 September

Arendal - 16 September

Ålesund - 17 September

Trondheim - 20 September


The format of the physical meetings will be breakfast/lunch meeting in cooperation with local partners.