Launch of the Offshore Wind Engineering Report

Wind energy

24 April 2020


NORWEP partners are exclusively invited to participate at the launch of our most recent report by BVG Associaties; "The market for offshore wind engineering consultancies".

Engineering consultancies take stronger positions in the design and development of new offshore wind farms. NORWEP therefore commissioned BVG Associates to review the market for engineering services to better understand how engineering consultancies work with the industry and consequently how equipment for offshore wind farms are designed and specified.

The result is a guide not only to engineering consultancies but more so to anyone offering new technologies, services or other solutions to the offshore wind industry. Engineering consultancies will often be a main point of contact for those seeking to sell new solutions to the industry.

The report explains to you how engineering is done in offshore wind, identifies the 20 largest players in the segment and is analysing the 8 largest and most important engineering consultancies in-depth. The report covers all balance of plant work packages; foundations, cables, substations and is including equipment for installation and maintenance.

Time: 09:00 - 10:00 CEST 

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Please find the report  here  (Partner-login required). 

Please note that this event is for NORWEP partners only

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