ONS Renewable Markets

Wind energy

28 August 2018

Market: Norway

Location: Lysefjorden B, Hall 1, ONS Venue, Stavanger forum, Gunnar Warebergsgate 13, Stavanger


The ONS Renewable Markets seminar is organised in collaboration with Norwegian Energy Partners and Greater Stavanger. This year´s theme is "You have the technology – put it to use in offshore wind!"
This seminar focuses on the opportunities for technology transfer from the oil and gas supply industry to offshore wind and the ensuing business strategies. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with business and technical leaders in the offshore energy space and share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of technology development and innovation in the offshore wind industry

Questions to be addressed at the seminar:
•             What does it take to make offshore wind competitive globally?
•             Are there still lessons to be learned from the O&G industry?
•             Technology development, efficiency or volume
               – what does it take to ensure further significant reduction of LCOE? 
               Can O&G suppliers add value?
•             How can innovations from sub-suppliers find its usage in an EPCI contract
               -model world?
•             Supplier strategies for highly efficient offshore wind installation & construction?
•             Are floating technology and services from offshore oil & gas available and useful for
               floating wind?

Meet key global leaders from the offshore wind industry that will address and discuss business opportunities and challenges with offshore O&G suppliers already engaged in the industry.

More information here: ONS Renewable Markets

Date: 28 August 2018
Time: 10.30-16.15 including lunch
Venue: ONS, Hall 1, Lysfjorden B meeting room
Price: Members NOK 375,- / Non-members NOK 750,- 
Please note that in order to get access to the ONS venue, you'll have to at least have an exhibition pass (NOK 360,- ex. tax).