Renewables breakfast meeting - legal pitfalls

Hydro energy Solar energy Wind energy

7 June 2018

Market: Norway

Location: DNB, Dronning Eufemias gate 30


The topic of this year's first renewable energy breakfast meeting was pitfalls in international contracts – and how to avoid them. 

In November 2017, we organised a breakfast meeting with the same topic. The event was a huge success and many of the participants expressed their interest in learning more about and discussing this topic further in the future. The meeting on the 7th of June was a follow-up on the previous meeting where we shared experiences and discussed typical legal risk areas in international renewable contracts.


07.45-08.00: Registration and breakfast
08.00-08.05: Welcome - Gunn Vik, Director, Norwegian Energy Partner
08.05-08.50: Contract understanding - Vidar Johnsen, Partner, SANDS Lawfirm
08.50-10.00: Experiences with contracts internationally:
                     08.50-09.10 Ove Rusten, Multiconsult
                     09.10-09.30 Fredrik Ringens, Rainpower
                     09.30-09.50 Stian Breilo, Enestor

Discussion and Q&A to each speaker.