Subsea challenges and opportunities in offshore wind

Wind energy

31 May 2018

Market: Norway

Location: Sparebanken Vest, Jonsvollsgaten 2, Bergen


Seminar in cooperation with GCE Subsea, Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and Sparebanken Vest that will provide you with an exclusive update on the offshore wind developments and business opportunities in the subsea life-of-field market. 

Complete invitation and full programme will be published shortly.

More than 15 000 offshore wind turbines are expected to be installed globally over the next ten years.
These installations will require subsea operations related to pre-installation preparations, installation, inspection and maintenance during their lifetime, 25 years plus.
Today this market is mostly operated by ROV technology developed for the oil and gas sector, while the actual needs in offshore wind are different.

GCE Subsea, Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster and Sparebanken Vest invite you to discuss the challenges as well as the opportunities global offshore wind represents and explore how Norwegian supply industry can exploit this development and take a pole position in developing unique solutions to meet today's and tomorrows requirements within offshore wind, floating as well as fixed installations.

We invite you to Bergen 31st May for a technology update, brainstorming and network event. Meet major actors like Statoil and others to hear what they see as optimal subsea solutions. You will also meet leading advisors from the UK Offshore Wind Accelerator Carbon Trust.

Westwood Energy has estimated the global offshore wind operational expenditure over the 2018-2027 period to amount over 800 Billion NOK. Overall capex associated with offshore wind development over this period is expected to total 4 600 Billion NOK. To put this in context, with the current growth expectations offshore wind will account for 27% of total offshore capex (oil & gas and wind combined) by 2022. This compares to just 4% in 2013.

The global opportunity is staggering, let’s discuss it!

Time: Thursday 31 May, 10:00 – 13:00
Place: Sparebanken Vest, Jonsvollsgaten 2, Bergen
Parking: Klostergarasjen

Please contact Director David Ottesen if you have questions.