Priority Projects & Fast track to key markets Bergen

3 April 2019

Location: DnB Solheimsgaten 7C


With support from GCE Ocean Technology, Kluge Advokatfirma, Pinsent Masons, Foley & Lardner and Leal Cotrim, NORWEP offers to meet the local NORWEP advisors as well as international attorneys with local knowledge. The participants will be updated by NORWEP, and will further have the opportunity to engage with lawyers from local jurisdictions and discuss face to face how to make an optimal market entry.

The purpose of this event is to assist companies within the oil and gas industry seeking to expand from Norway with practical, hands-on advice, with the help of experienced local advisors, and thereby reducing the barriers of entry into foreign markets. Each break-out session will focus on a selected market, and provide information on typical entry issues such as compliance, local content, tax, IPR protection, employment law, preferred legal structure for market entry, etc.

The break-out sessions will be run twice, to allow each participant to learn more about two particular markets.

There is no participation fee. All participants are responsible for their own travel related reservations and costs.

After the session, NORWEP partners will have the opportunity to schedule one to one meetings with our 4 advisors from UK, US, Mexico and Brazil.

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