Solar Day 2019

Solar energy

28 February 2019

Market: Norway

Location: Multiconsult, Nedre Skøyen vei 2, 0276 Oslo


Norwegian solar capabilities for international markets - What can the Norwegian solar industry deliver where (regionally and along the value chain) at which scale going forward? 


Join NORWEP in cooperation with the Norwegian Solar Cluster, Multiconsult and Export Credit Norway for a full day conference on global solar energy market opportunities and Norwegian solar industry capabilities. The event will be relevant for all stakeholders in the solar industry, ranging from producers of raw materials to project developers and providers of off-grid solutions and enabling technologies

Norwegian solar energy has changed since the early industry start of REC in Glomfjord in 1994. Today, Norway is home to developers of solar installations, small and large, including Equinor, Scatec Solar, Statkraft and lately also Otovo, the installer of roof-top solar systems. We are supplying materials and wafers and have developed a number of small to medium sized suppliers to the large scale solar park industry. In addition, a number of suppliers to smaller and medium sized solar and hybrid energy systems have been established and are building their business – in particularly in developing economies in Africa and Asia. While all segments of the solar industry are growing rapidly, there are variations that might determinate the success of Norwegian suppliers and developers.

At the conference, we want to explore the opportunities of the various aspects of the Norwegian solar industry in the various segments. We also want to find out which areas of Norwegian solar expertise we can possibly scale to become sizeable in an industrial value creation and jobs perspective.

What can the Norwegian solar industry deliver where (regionally and along the value chain) at which scale going forward?

28 February 08:30 - 15:00

Multiconsult, Nedre Skøyen vei 2