Strategy meeting for NORWEP´s hydropower partners 2020

Hydro energy

18 June 12:15 - 15:15

Market: Norway

Location: Multiconsult, Nedre Skøyenvei 2


Please note: This meeting will be held in English!

The annual strategy meeting for NORWEP's hydropower partners will take place at Multiconsult, but it will also be possible to attend via Teams. 


1. Welcome 
2. Meet NORWEPs new energy ddvisor for France, Spain and Portugal: Charles Smadja – he will inform on how he can assist you
3. The participants will have one minute each to introduce themselves and the impact of Covid-19 on their company
4. NORWEP will go through activities so far in 2020:

  • Market reports launched February 2020
  • Revised market report will be launched August 2020 
  • Clustermap for hydropower
  • We are looking at the opportunity to have an other local energy advisor with hydropower focus
  • Events

5. Group task:  What do you want NORWEP to focus on in 2020/2021 and network meeting/breakfast meeting this Autumn. Suggestions from NORWEP:

  • If we get a local energy advisor with hydropower competence, which markets would you prefer? Make a list of prioritised markets.  
  • Presentation from the groups

7. Summary

The meeting will take place at Multiconsult, there is room for max 20 persons due to preventive measures taken in connection with Covid-19. We will also open up for participation via Teams.  Kindly inform  by Friday 12 June if you plan to participate via teams or at Multiconsult.