Renewable hybrid solutions in the context of hydropower


13 October 15:00 - 18:30 CEST

Market: Poland

Location: Gdańsk Technical University


Hybrid renewable energy solutions from Norway

The Norwegian Session on Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Hydropower Plants at the Hydroforum conference in Gdansk organized on Oct. 13 by NORWEP in cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw was a good event. The Norwegian participants, Scatec, Multiconsult, Norconsult, DNV and Prediktor that took part in the seminar and the B2B meetings had a possibility to come in closer contact with the owners of hydropower plants in Poland interested in modifying their facilities by adding on new energy sources, mainly floating PV, a technology, in which Norwegian companies are in the lead.

As Poland has an ambition to go away from coal as its basic source of energy production (from 70% today to 30% in 2040), a rapid development of the renewable energy market Poland, especially in the PV sector, is recently taking place. The actors operating in the local hydropower sector, which stands of approx. 2% of the country’s energy production, are interested in upgrading their facilities through investment in auxiliary RES installations, especially floating PV, to increase the generation capacity of their facilities. The event enabled the Norwegian participants offering products and solutions within RES, such as floating PV and energy systems to come in contact with hybrid project developers in the Polis HP sector.



  • Words of welcome
    • Mette Jøranli, Minister-Counsellor at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Warsaw
    • Dr. Janusz Steller, President of TEW
  • Norwegian Energy Partners – Foundation & Mission
    • Gunn Vik, Director Hydropower, Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP)
  • Hybrid solutions for RES installations
    • Wojciech Grzeszczak, Country Representative Poland, Scatec
  • Hybrid RES systems for hydropower plants
    • Tom Ødegaard, SVP Market & Sales Renewable Energy, Multiconsult
  • Good practices in floating PV applications
    • Michał Stepiuk, Senior Solar Engineer, DNV
  • Asset management in hybrid power plants 
    • Steinar Jacobsen, Senior Sales Manager, Prediktor
  • Complementarity of the marine renewable energy sources: Case study of the Baltic Sea
    • Dr. Egidijus Kasiulis, Researcher, Vytautas Magnus University, Water Engineering Dept.
  • Ecological maritime plant using three renewable energy sources
    • Mieczyslaw Korzenski, WUPROHYD
  • The potential for hybrid solutions in the Polish HP sector
    • Stanislaw Lewandowski, Honorary President, TEW
  • Panel discussion: Brief presentation of several case studies - hybrid RES solutions
    • Moderator: Stanisław Lewandowski
    • Panel participants: Representatives from Multiconsult, Prediktor, Scatec, Energa OZE, Norconsult, TRMEW, ZEW Niedzica, Antamion
  • B2B meetings between the Norwegian and Polish participants
    • Venue: Meeting room at the Institute of Flow Machinery


The event was arranged in connection with the Annual Conference of The Polish Hydropower Association (TEW) 13-15 October.
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