North Caspian Development Workshop

17 - 18 November 2015

Market: Russia

Location: Astrakhan, Russia


INTSOK partners will participate in a Workshop with Lukoil, engineering companies and yards in Astrakhan, with focus on North Caspian Development.  The Workshop will be held on 17 November 2015, followed by individual meetings on 18 November, in the Government buildings of Astrakhan Region.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet key Lukoil specialists and managers running the development on Caspian.

Lukoil's interest include companies that can supply and support them with the following:  

  • Yuri Korchagin Field (in operation)
    • Solutions for reservoir monitoring focusing on enhanced oil recovery and reduced risk during drilling, injection and production;
    • How to optimize field design and intervention intervals;
    • Oil spill monitoring including in ice conditions;
    • Oil spill response methods in ice conditions;
    • Massive wireless data transmission;
    • Subsea pipeline inspection;
    • Multiphase flowmeters;
    • Simulation of multiphase flow (Alternatives to OLGA 2000);
    • Well tractor on coiled tubing for the cased hole. Cable is not suitable due to long horizontal part 4 – 8 km.;
    • Platform integrity monitoring under the ice loading;
    • Bench scale testing of models in ice pool for study of ice loads;
    • HAZIP/HAZOP study;
  • Filanovsky Field (under development)
    • Lukoil used Saipem for Korchagin field and Bumi Armada for Filanovskogo field as the main contractors for subsea pipelines construction. For the future Lukoil is interested in more contractors and subcontractors capable to work in maritime and pipeline construction.
    • Since new stage in bidding for the fabrication of Riser and Piping platform Lukoil decides to optimize the procedures and control over contract implementation and post delivery services of the vendors, therefore the introduction of more standard procedures and documents based on application of special software is required.
    • The operation of Riser platform intended as completely automated and unmanned. Therefore, all robust and remote control systems are of interest.
    • Looking for automatic pig launchers.
    • Quality assurance, verification, inspection activity, assets integrity is important.
    • Whereas the marine operations are increasing and being more complicated software solutions for marine activity would be of interest.
  • Kuvykina Field (Prefeed phase)
    • Lukoil is interested in international experience and consulting service for organizational set up “Project Office” and ”Business Processes & Performance Assessment”;
    • Lukoil Project Office is interested in the contacts with international EPCM contractors and system integrators. 

Participation fees (excl MVA): 

  • NOK2.500,- (per company - one company representative)
  • NOK1.000,- (per extra person)

Practical information

All speakers and participants are responsible for their own travel related reservations and costs.

  • We recommend the following flights to and from Astrakhan, and will have a pick up service at Astrakhan airport for the following flights:

Monday 16 November

SU 1174    Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Mon. 15:35 Sheremetyevo international (SVO), Moscow
Mon. 17:50 (ASF), Astrakhan

Monday 16 November

SU 1172  Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Mon. 22:45 Sheremetyevo international (SVO), Moscow
Tues. 01:05 (ASF), Astrakhan

  • After the Workshop we will have a bus service to Astrakhan airport Thursday morning

Thursday 19 November

SU 1173  Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Thurs. 06:10 (ASF), Astrakhan
Thurs. 08:35 Sheremetyevo international (SVO), Moskva

  • Recommended hotel:
    • Park Inn Astrakhan, Anri Barbusa Street 29 B liter "A", 414056 Astrakhan, Russia
    • Novomoskovskaya, Ulitsa Sovetskaya 4/Ulitsa Kirova 18, 414000 Astrakhan, Russia
    • Bonhotel Lenina Street 2/Babushkina Street 1, 414000 Astrakhan, Russia
  • Please refer to the Russian Embassy's website for entry visa requirements and guidelines