Workshops with GAZPROMNEFT, LUKOIL and KrGP - NGP

10 - 12 November 2020

Market: Russia

Location: Astrakhan and Moscow


NORWEP Partners have been invited to participate in Workshops to be held in Moscow, Russia. New dates for the Workshop will be 10 - 12  November 2020.

The week will start in Astrakhan with the Workshop with LUKOIL on 10 November 2020. LUKOIL continues to construct facilities at Vladimir Filanovsky, Yury Korchagin and Rakushechnoye fields. Pls see the enclosed for additional insights into the project background. Pls see the list for LUKOIL's requirements .

Morneftagzproject, GazpromNeft and NORWEP invite partners to demonstrate capabilities in concept engineering for the development of Neptune and Triton fields, concepts for Arctic fields and MMO Prirazlomnaya platform. Workshop with Gazprom Neft is planned for 11 November 2020. Pls see  additional insights into the project background .

The Workshop with Krasnoyarskgazprom - Nefgetazproject (KrGP - NGP) of GAZPROM focusing on contribution in EPC for the project development of Kamennomysskoe More gas field in Arctic will be held on 12 November 2020. Pls see the  additional insights into the project background .

According to Gazprom Neft, GAZPROM and LUKOIL, the suppliers meeting the following criteria will have the business advantages.

  • able to do business in Russia
  • have knowledge of Russian regulations
  • able to communicate in Russian


9 Nov 2020 22:25 flight from Moscow to Astrakhan 01:50  
10 Nov 2020 Workshop with LUKOIL Astrakhan
Evening 10 Nov 2020 19:50 flight from Astrakhan to Moscow 21:10  
11 Nov 2020 Workshop with Morneftegazproject -Gazprom Neft Moscow
12 Nov 2020 Workshop with Krasnoyarskgazprom - Nefgetazproject (KrGP - NGP) - Gazprom



12 Nov 2020 Workshops end by 14:00 and evening departure from Moscow  


  • All participants are responsible for their own travel reservations and related costs
  • Business visa is required for Russia
    • pls contact Nikki / Vladimir for further details
    • the cost of invitation is EURO 100.- with a 21 day processing / issuance time


Participation fees, pls sign up by 1 October 2020