Web Workshop with Equinor and MODEC

16 - 17 April 2020

Market: Brazil , Singapore


Norwegian Energy Partners is inviting Norwegian suppliers to take part in a workshop with Equinorand MODEC on the Bacalhau project.

We have close contact with Equinor and they are fully supporting this workshop. We understand that many of our partners are eager to know more about the Bacalhau project and to be in the position to compete on certain parts of the project.

The setup of the workshop is as follows:            

Day 1 - Thursday 16nd of April

Equinor and MODEC to present the Bacalhau project.

We will organize this and have a solution with use of Teams, where we stream their presentations where the Norwegian suppliers can sit at home office -  total 1,5 hours between 09:00 – 10:30 am (CET).

Day 2 - Friday 17rd of April:

NORWEP will facilitate B2B meetings between MODEC and Norwegian suppliers, each B2B meeting lasting 10 minutes. We have timeslots between 08:00-11:30am (CET) with 3 different disciplines:

  1. Electro/Instrument/Telecom
  2. Mechanical product and services
  3. HSE and other services

Fully booked, no slots available!

We do apologize for the short notice due to the present situation. Many companies have a hard time these days, but despite the challenging situation we do hope that you find time for this important web workshop.

How to join the webinar 

Register through the link above. In due time before the webinar you will receive a confirmation email with the link to join the webinar through Teams.

If any questions, please contact Gunn Vik gunn.vik@norwep.com mob. 90 56 03 35 or Benedikt Henriksen benedikt.henriksen@norwep.com mob. 91 18 38 63 both being responsible for the workshop.