How to Sell in the US

4 May 2016

Market: USA

Location: Norway House 3410 West Dallas Street, Houston, Texas, 77019


For the 1st Time! – By Popular Demand Workshop Open to the Public during OTC 2016

How to Sell in the U.S. Marketplace.. Revised for the New Global Reality

Does your current value proposition meet the needs of your customers in this new economic reality?

During this 4-hour interactive workshop you will discover how to: 
•    Adjust your value proposition to win international customers 
•    Take advantage of the new market realities to grab market share
•    Harness the power of the local buying culture to influence your prospects 
Who should Attend:  CEO’s, VP Strategy, VP Business Development

WHY:  Gain access to the latest market intelligence regarding buyer behavior in international oil and gas so you can develop an effective strategy for 2016 and beyond

Your Leader
Denise Patrick, Managing Director of Energy Markets Access, has provided strategic consulting services to over 2,500 firms since 1987. As an expert in buyer behavior and behavioral economics, Denise works with clients to develop the right strategies to bring their products and services to market.  
What other INTSOK member companies have said about this workshop: 
‘”Understanding the American culture and US buying behavior really helped our company grow past our local markets."   
 “I found the interactive Q&A and experience sharing with other companies very powerful." 
 "Excellent practical advice!"

The cap for this event is 30 attendees so do not hesitate to secure your slot!

Date: Wednesday - 4th May 2016 
Time: 08:00a-12:00  (registration opens at 07:30am) 
Location: Norway House 3410 West Dallas Street, Houston, Texas, 77019 
Host:  John Hurter, US Country Manager, INTSOK 
Leader:  Denise Patrick, Managing Director, Energy Markets Access

Cost:  $199 for non-partners. Take advantage of your INTSOK membership and pay only $99

Please note that only companies with presence in Norway may sign up for this event

How to become an INTSOK member:

Includes breakfast and free copy 2016 INTSOK “How to Sell in the U.S.” report, including a special “How-To” section focused on helping you build a winning value proposition