AWEA 2020 Offshore WINDPOWER Virtual Summit

Wind energy

13 - 14 October 2020

Market: United States

Location: Virtual Conference


The  AWEA Offshore Windpower Conference 2020, organised by American Wind Energy Association from 13-14 October 2020, will be a Virtual summit with no or very little onsite programme. Hence, NORWEP will not be organising any on site event but will explore relevant webinar opportunities on or about the same time. We encourage you to partake in the Virtual Summit which will provide valuable information about a very exciting and expanding Offshore Wind Market.

AWEA is focused on reconstructing the  2020 Offshore WINDPOWER Virtual Summit  to create a valuable and successful online experience, allowing participants to connect during this critical time in the offshore wind sector. 

The offshore wind activity at the US east coast continue to grow and one is expecting record activity levels also in a global perspective in the next 3-5 years. With State driven offshore wind targets exceeding 25 GW, and 15 auctioned federal lease areas enabling at least 28 GW's, the US has become one of the world’s most significant offshore wind markets.

The developers are looking for the innovative solutions and now is the time to get engaged. 

AWEA is a Conference rather than an exhibition, a meeting of minds rather than a meeting of displays. Our focus in previous years was B2B Meetings between our delegation as a group and relevant stakeholders in the offshore wind value chain in the U.S.


All participants are responsible for their own registration, directly with AWEA.