International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum

3 - 6 April 2018

Market: United States

Location: Princeton, New Jersey


International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) in Princeton represents the best possible opportunity to explore and exploit opportunities in the offshore wind industry in the USA.

If you are considering the US market for your solutions and or products we believe this will be a very productive meeting place. Here you will meet developers as well as key suppliers which in turn may end up as your partners in developing your business in this very existing offshore wind market;

  • Strong agenda with solid, locally driven and locally validated topics, including a regulatory track what is driving the industry and supply chain
  • Solid ties with States and Federal Government - BOEM is expected to dispatch 30 people.
  • Conference has been evaluated and chosen by market leader Ørsted. Their CEO is a speaker, their Boston PR Director is on the board and they are bringing about 30 people to the conference. This endorsement by Ørsted gives this conference a boost.
  • Statoil has confirmed their presents
  • Conference on track to reach 800+ people, already 45 exhibit spaces booked.
  • Timing is ideal - in April, Massachusetts will enter negotiation with successful bidders for the 400-800 MW PPA. That means the leading developers are under pressure to select their supply chain.
  • IPF is US based and locally networked, interacts with US stakeholders 365 days a year, non-profit and #1 focus is supply chain. Compelling "by invitation only" supply chain follow-up session in October 2018 after AWEA.   


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