Arctic Ambitions Conference

Oil & gas upstream

3 - 4 October 2017

Location: Anchorage


The "Arctic Ambitions VI" Conference and Exhibition, includes a focused Arctic Technologies and Innovation panel and B2B meeting opportunities.

Some of the defining characteristics of the arctic and cold climate regions are the special weather conditions, sea ice/icing, the light phenomenon, the large geographical areas and the vast distances to nearest infrastructure. These conditions affect cost, safety and access to emergency preparedness. The skills needed to carry out safe operations in these vulnerable areas requires great knowledge, experience and ground breaking technologies. Access to such information is hence key to overcoming the various challenges. This panel will discuss industry challenges and touch on additional innovations, technologies and solutions required to realize safe and affordable oil and gas operations in the arctic and cold climate regions.

Norwegian Energy Partners would be honored to have you join us at the Arctic Technology and Innovation session of the 6th annual Arctic Ambitions conference in Anchorage, Alaska from 3 - 4 October 2017.

The Conference focuses on commercial opportunities in the Arctic, such as engineering, construction, architecture, natural resource development, environmental services, maritime shipping and logistics, and international trade. This year's theme of the conference is New Arctic Realities: The Path Forward. Link to Conference/Registration: