Partner Capabilities in Upstream oil & gas

A gateway to the Norwegian Upstream Oil and Gas Industry.

Topsides and Floaters

Norwegian based companies in the oil and gas sector have a well established reputation and a significant market share as providers of services, equipment and systems to topsides and substructures for fixed and floating production platforms and drilling rigs.
In this catalogue we present the cluster of NORWEP partners that provide  products and services towards topsides in general, as well as for the various types of floating support structures.


SPS-SURF solutions will continue to play an important role as fields are to be developed in deeper and more remote areas – as well as for the development of marginal fields tied back to shore, fixed or floating hubs covering larger areas.

Digital Solutions 2016

We have followed the value chain in the Norwegian oil and gas industry to identify how companies in the supply chain are using digital technology to create and enhance their products and services. The new digital reality is transforming the way we operate, the way we do business and the way we make money. The industry winners of tomorrow are looking for the best solutions today.

Decommissioning incl. P/A

(September 2015)
INTSOK is mapping the Norwegian decommissioning cluster to investigate if there is an interest amongst Norwegian companies to internationalize some of their services. Decommissioning is a growing market and as a service the value creation in decom is high compared to new projects.
This is the second edition of the brochure, now with accompagnying A3 poster.