Solutions for cleaner production

(January 2015)
This catalogue highlights INTSOK partner companies who deliver solutions, technologies and services which contribute to cleaner production and thereby reduce the impact of oil and gas production on the environment.

Norwegian R&D institutions, suppliers and service companies have played a significant part in delivering the systems and equipment required to meet the new standards.

Today, the production on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) is at the forefront in using technological solutions that minimize the impact on the environment.

This catalogue will hopefully improve technology awareness as well as add knowledge to technology achievements by mapping the capabilities of companies and R&D institutions with environmental technologies and solutions introduced on the NCS and in international markets.

Solutions for Cleaner Production

13 January 2015 , Gulbrand Wangen, Regional Director, INTSOK

Capabilities in the Norwegian oil and gas industry for reducing energy consumption and minimizing discharges and emissions.