Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is a network-based organisation encouraging active dialogue between asset owners, technology suppliers, service companies and governments. NORWEP is focusing on oil and gas as well as other energy markets globally, engaging local experts to help Norwegian companies gain access to the markets.

How to become a partner

The main criterion for becoming an partner in Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is that the candidate company should work internationally out of Norway through a Norway-based office, resulting in adding value creation in Norway.

Partner Benefits

The focus on global opportunities for Norwegian companies is increasing and Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is an effective vehicle for promoting the Norwegian offshore and energy industry’s capabilities to key clients in overseas markets and providing market information to its partners.

Local Energy Advisors

With our extensive network of regional and technology Directors, Local Oil and Gas Advisors and a range of business partners across the globe, Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) offers a thorough knowledge of close to 20 important markets worldwide.
Our experienced Local Energy Advisors are ready to assist NORWEP partner companies in gaining access to markets, and offer market entry services free of charge for partners at a maximum of 5 days per year per market.

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Corruption and other unacceptable business practices may represent a challenge in markets where NORWEP and NORWEP partners operate.
NORWEP partners are eligible for one day free advisory on anti-corruption from the law firm Compliancepartner AS.

Local advisors' guidelines

The Board has approved the following Guidelines for Advisory Services. The guidelines apply to all Norwegian Energy Partners' (NORWEP) employees, advisors and consultants engaged directly on contract with NORWEP and those who are engaged through contract with Innovation Norway.