Cultural Awareness & Presentation Technique Workshop

How to enhance international business through enhanced awareness of cultural factors and better presentations.
Norwegian ENergy Partners (NORWEP) offers Cultural awareness and Presentation technique workshops for our partners.

Cultural awareness may be the determining factor for success in international business and multicultural environments.  Feedback from our Local Oil & Gas Advisors, our partners and business contacts abroad has identified the necessity for increased cultural awareness in business settings in order to succeed.
In parallel with this we also offer training in presentation techniques to help our partners convey their message in an effective manner.
Focus for both parts of this tailor-made workshop are the special challenges of operating internationally, how to avoid some common pitfalls and how to get your message across to a foreign audience.

1. Cultural Awareness part
• How Norwegians are perceived by people from other cultures
• Cultural differences and how the Norwegian business culture is the odd one out
• How to interpret indirect communication
• Group work for reflection and increased awareness
• Tips and techniques for improved cross-cultural interaction
• How to boost sales in other cultures
Ms. Karin Ellis, CEO of Ellis Culture is engineer with 30 years’ experience from multinational companies (among others Hydro/Statoil and EDB/EVRY).  She has lived and worked in many countries and participated in a large number of international projects.  In 2011 she founded Ellis Culture to develop and conduct efficient and practical oriented intercultural seminars, focusing on business culture.  The extensive professional background makes Ellis Culture unique among Norwegian suppliers of intercultural communication seminars.
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2. Presentation part
• Theoretical lecture on practical preparations, how to define goals for a speech or presentation, how to form a message, language and body language, voice, clothing, how to use (and not to use) PowerPoint and other aids
• Practical presentation training:
   Each participant will prepare a short presentation (maximum 4 minutes)
• The participants will perform individually in front of the camera, and in front of the group
• Each presentation will be studied by the group, and instructors and participants will evaluate and provide input and feedback
Mr. Ben Holan, Managing Partner Corporate Communications, a PR-firm that assists private companies and public agencies with strategic communications, crisis communications, media relations and public affairs. For more information visit Corporate Communications’ website:
The maximum number of participants is 10 per workshop.