Rystad Energy has prepared the Annual Offshore Oil & Gas Market Report for NORWEP (previously INTSOK) since 2010. The data foundation of the report stems from the proprietary bottom-up databases UCube (Upstream Database) and DCube (Oil Service Demand Database). In August 2018, at the same time as NORWEP published AOMR 2018, Rystad Energy released NORWEPCube for the first time – a field-by-field oilfield service database covering all offshore markets globally.
NORWEPCube is the source of all graphed and tabulated market expenditure data in the report.

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Content and benefits
NORWEPCube is an oilfield service database covering E&P purchases over the capex- and opex budget across all offshore markets globally with field level resolution. The database includes historical and forecasted market data for 15 service segments from 2013 to 2022. Key parameters include field life cycle, water depth, facility type, field type, approval year and start-up year, among others.

NORWEPCube is a commercial product updated every month, reflecting Rystad Energy’s latest market view. The database is exclusively available for NORWEP partners.

NORWEPCube enables you to:
• Conduct in-depth analysis of offshore markets at the field level
• Explore upstream purchases by service segment, geography, field life cycle and development solution
• Understand trends, developments and size of individual oilfield service markets
• Analyze cost breakdowns and cost phasing, including yet-to-be sanctioned developments
• Identify geographies and service segments with potential future growth
• Get an overview of E&P operators’ offshore portfolios and their future spending plans
• Identify sales opportunities for products and services in existing and new markets
• Identify concrete project opportunities

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