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Priority Projects Oil & Gas

Latest updates on NORWEP's Priority Projects, either approved or likely to be moved forward in a three-year perspective.


We cover energy markets around the world for Norwegian supply industry and we have more than 20 local energy advisors in the most important markets.
For our prioritized markets you will find reports, preseentations, project information and events.

Global Procurement Processes

Oil companies/ rig owners, yards, engineering companies and oil and gas suppliers are all players in the global procurement processes. Each of them have their own roles and responsibilities, and they are all dependent on each other.
Detailed knowledge of the client’s global procurement processes is a key to success.

INTSOK Published the first report, phase I in 2014 and phase II in August 2016.

Cost-efficient solutions Report

Version 1.1, June 2019
The brutal fall in the oil price late 2014, forced the oil and gas industry to cut costs at a massive scale. The supply industry responded to the challenge with great commitment and made available cost efficient products, services and solutions that the oil and gas companies took advantage of.