Market info

Our market info gives you access to market reports provided by us and Rystad, significant project information and event overviews.

Hydropower Market information

Annual Hydropower Market report 2020 and Global hydropower project overview.

Special Market Update - Covid 19

The Local Advisors report on Covid-19 in their markets

Priority Projects Hydropower

40 selected hydropower projects with details and contact information.

Annual Oil & Gas market report 2019

The Annual Offshore Oil & Gas Market Report (AOMR) covers the period 2020 - 2023.

Annual global offshore wind market report 2019

The Annual global offshore wind market report 2020 – 2024
Please note: This is a preliminary version. Final version to be published later.

Priority Projects Oil & Gas

Latest updates (August 2019) on NORWEP's Priority Projects, either approved or likely to be moved forward in a three-year perspective.

Priority projects Offshore Wind

73 new and updated projects under planning or development worldwide.

Kartlegging av den norskbaserte fornybarnæringen

10 October 2019 , Multiconsult på oppdrag fra Eksportkreditt, OED og NORWEP

In Norwegian only.På oppdrag fra Eksportkreditt Norge, Olje- og energidepartementet og NORWEP har Multiconsult utarbeidet denne rapporten som kartlegge...

Internasjonal omsetning fra norske oljeserviceselskaper

10 October 2019 , Rystad Energy på oppdrag fra OED

In Norwegian only. Vekst i både norsk og internasjonal omsetning i 2018:Norske leverandører har hatt et krevende år også i 2018, både på norsk sokkel o...

Market forecast for suction anchors in offshore wind

03 April 2019 , BVG associates

We have created a market forecast on the use of suction anchors in offshore wind industry towards 2028, estimating that the offshore wind market will ne...

Norwegian supply chain opportunities in offshore wind

06 March 2019 , BVG Associates

2019 edition: The offshore wind industry presents exciting new opportunities for Norwegian suppliers prepared to engage and work with the main players...

Africa Activity Calendar 2019

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is proud to be partner in the Joint Activity Calendar for Africa 2019 involving 3 ministries (MFA, MTF, MPE) and the three 3 supporting agencies (NABA, Innovation Norway and NORWEP).

Introduction to the US Shale Market

12 December 2018 , Paul Lachin for Norwegian Energy Partners

The purpose of this report is to provide the reader with a basic understanding of U.S. shale development and its revolutionary effect on the oil and gas indu...

Risk assessment and impact on technology decisions

25 September 2018 , Rystad Energy for OG21

Risk aversion and conservatism among decision makers have been suggested to explain slow technology implementation in the petroleum industry. With...

Cost-efficient solutions Report

Version 1.1, June 2019
The brutal fall in the oil price late 2014, forced the oil and gas industry to cut costs at a massive scale. The supply industry responded to the challenge with great commitment and made available cost efficient products, services and solutions that the oil and gas companies took advantage of.

Gjennomgang av Norges eksportstøtte, låne- og garantiordninger rettet mot fornybarinvesteringer i utviklingsøkonomier

23 April 2018 , NORWEA på oppdrag fra Norwegian Energy Partners, NHO og Zero

Denne rapporten er laget av NORWEA på oppdrag av Norwegian Energy Partners og NHO. Eksportkreditt Norge har bidratt med finansiell støtte og enkelte fag...

Norwegian Opportunities in Offshore Wind

01 October 2016 , Make Consulting for Norwegian Energy Partners, Export Credit Norway and Greater Stavanger

To review the Norwegian suppliers’ market positioning and to point to future growth prospects, INTPOW (Norwegian Energy Partners), Export Credit Norway...

Petrobras: 2017 Main Well Technology challenges

Presentations from a workshop where Petrobras presented main well technologies challenges for well (drilling, completion, well structure, workover, abandonment, rigs, fluids).


See videos, read reports and get an overview of upcoming events – sorted by market. We cover 20 of the most important energy markets around the world.

Global Procurement Processes

Oil companies/ rig owners, yards, engineering companies and oil and gas suppliers are all players in the global procurement processes. Each of them have their own roles and responsibilities, and they are all dependent on each other.
Detailed knowledge of the client’s global procurement processes is a key to success.

INTSOK Published the first report, phase I in 2014 and phase II in August 2016.

Major oil companies - strategies and results

11 February 2016 , Willy H Olsen, INTSOK Special Advisor

The leading international oil companies have opted for differing approaches to secure future growth. They have over the past year slashed their overall capit...