Africa Activity Calendar 2019

Norwegian Energy Partners (NORWEP) is proud to be partner in the Joint Activity Calendar for Africa 2019 involving 3 ministries (MFA, MTF, MPE) and the three 3 supporting agencies (NABA, Innovation Norway and NORWEP).

The activity plan will be updated regularly:

NORWEP partners searching for assistance in exploring or establishing business in the Energy Sector in Africa may contact:

Gulbrand Wangen , Regional Director for Africa ( )
Gunn Vik , Director for Hydropower ( )
Jon Dugstad , Director for Solar ( )

Or you may contact the Energy Advisers at the respective Embassies directly for assistance:

Stein I. Nesvåg, Counsellor, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Accra

Karen-Emilie Asla, Private Sector Program Officer, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Dar Es Salaam

Arne Haug, Counsellor Trade and Energy, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Kampala

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Norway
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, Norway
NABA - Norwegian - African Business Association
Innovation Norway