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NORWEP Integrity Line

NORWEP Integrity Line

Norwegian Energy Partners' Integrity Line provides an additional channel for both employees and third parties to report potential irregularities. This may include illegal or criminal offenses, like fraud, corruption, embezzlement etc. 

The Integrity Line does not replace NORWEP's regular information and reporting channels through regional directors, managing director, chairperson of the board etc. However, it is an additional reporting channel, also when timely or appropriate reply are missing.

The receiver of sent reports is Mr. Anders Venemyr, Attorney at law in the external Law firm Compliancepartner. 

When notifiable matters are notified, the employer has a duty to follow up the notification within reasonable time.


How to notify of criminal, illegal or criticizable conduct in Norwegian Energy Partners

What is the integrity line?

1. Notify your immediate or any higher ranking superior on criminal, illegal or criticizable conduct in the operations

2. Failing a proper reaction from your superior, notifying an external recipient outside the organisation might be neccesary.

What constitutes criminal, illegal or criticizable conduct?

1. Criminal/illegal conduct: Threat to human life or health, embezzlement, theft, fraud, corruption, misappropriation of funds etc.

2. Criticizable conduct: Breach of internal guidelines or ethical norms etc.

Who can use the Integrity Line?

1. All NORWEP employees, including contracted employees and consultants

2. External persons or companies with or without connection to NORWEP

How do I notify an external recipient?

Notifications can be made by email to the law firm Compliancepartner:

Right and duty to notify

- You have an obligation to notify circumstances in which life and health are at risk

- Each individual employee is encouraged to use the integrity line in cases of criticizable, illegal or punishable conduct, as it may contribute to develop NORWEP in accordance with its values and ethical rules

What should a notification contain?

- Full name and work address (can be anonymous to the employer

- Period, date and time of observation or incident

- Specific details (description, location etc.)

- Other witnesses and/or other supportive information

Legislative principles for handling notifications

- Access to case documents is regulated by Norwegian statutory provisions

- Reciprocation against an employee is forbidden by law (the Working Environment Act)

What demands are made when notifying?

Notification of conduct should be justifiable. Irrespective of this, you always have the right to notify, in accordance with the Working Environment Act (§ 2A-1).

Furthermore, you always have the right to notify the regulatory authorities or other public authorities.

Consideration for the object of the notification

The person(s) in question will, as a rule, be made aware of the main content of the notification, with reference to reasonable procedure and professional secrecy. When the case is concluded the person in question will be informed, no matter the outcome.

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