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10 February, 14:00-15:00 (GMT +1:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Teams Meeting


NORWEP partner: Free



NORWEP and ONS will be inviting key international clients from selected markets to participate in the Delegation Visiting Programme during the ONS Week. The Delegation Visiting Programme is a coordinated and joint effort by the Norwegian energy industry to further develop relationships with business partners throughout the world.
NORWEP partners have the possibility to participate in this programme as a Hosting Company, with the opportunity to meet and interact with the international clients (Delegates).
NORWEP will facilitate meetings, activities and network opportunities between hosting companies and delegates through tailor-made programmes, including:
   • pre-arranged meetings with hosting companies, at the ONS venue
   • social networking arenas for hosting companies and delegations/delegates
   • the ONS Conference & Exhibition incl. ONS International Markets sessions / Workshops

Please sign up to attend one of our Kickoff information meetings to find out how you can benefit from being a Hosting Company for the visiting delegations. For your convenience, the same kickoff information meeting will be held via Teams on Thursday 27 January and Thursday 10 February

Agenda for both dates
  • Introduction by ONS
  • Delegation Visiting Programme 2022
  • Delegates / Countries to be invited
  • Hosting Companies package content and benefits

Please refer to ONS' website for general information and details of the ONS Week

Programme responsible

David Ottesen

Director Wind US, UK, Ireland and Denmark

+47 95 49 50 40

Håkon Skretting

Director Arctic, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guyana, Russia and Kazakhstan

+47 905 65 393

Jon Are Rørtveit

Vice President – Commercial Director

+47 41 53 79 25

Event organizer

Nikki Mooki

Project Manager

+47 90 55 33 61